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About Vision Engineering

VEGP offers one window customized services, ranging from in house system designing, model manufacturing, Lab Testing, Alpha Testing for commercial production and promoting after sales services with the help of computerized customer service data base. We have the expertise to provide turnkey solution for TETRA infrastructure, very small aperture terminal (VSAT), Optical Fiber, integration and deployment of various telecom equipments i-e Access network, Transmission and Core, Complete deployment, operation and maintenance of security and surveillance system. Programming of Tetra Handheld and Mobile radios, Solar system and various ranges and solution for enterprise network. VEGP mission is to improve quality and profitability, by creating and providing solutions, equipments and maintenance to its customers, ensuring its customers with the quality standard and timely service of technical solutions in specialized fields. Our vision is to focus on providing solutions that enable our customers to reduce the time, complexity and costs of managing their multiple tasks.

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