January 8, 2013

Power Division

Automatic Power Distribution and User Information Collection Solution

Automatic power distribution and user information collection have always been the “Achilles’s heel” hindering the development of the electricity sector, and are also the key to making the power grid become smart. Automatic power distribution includes the upload of information collected by the information collection and control devices (FTU, DTU, TTU, RTU, etc.) and the release of control commands from the master station. It mainly covers the 110kV substations (mostly 35kV for grids in rural areas) to 10kV switching stations with a hand-in-hand full-protection switching topology. User information collection includes the upload of information on the electricity consumption of the users and the release of the collection instruction. Compared with the traditional method of meter reading, collection of the electricity consumption information of users by making use of the communications technology will greatly improve the real-time reliability of the system, and reduce the overall cost.


a. xPON

b. wireless mode (SG-BRAS, Smart Grid-Broadband Remote Access System

c. OLT


Electricity Communication Transport Network Solution

The electricity communication transport network is responsible for the manufacturing, scheduling, and marketing businesses in the electricity sector. Like the blood vessels in human body, it provides information channels for each activity, and is an important component of the power grid. The existing network is mainly enabled through the SDH-based MSTP technology. With information-based and automatic development, the bearer business of the transport network in the electricity sector develops from a single SDH/PDH to diversified development (IP and SAN services), and the network structure

develops towards the mesh network. Meanwhile, with the expansion of network size, network management is required to be unified, convenient, and efficient. In the face of the forthcoming smart grids, the new generation electricity transport network should become more secure, efficient, simple and scalable.


a. SDH

b. WDM

Smart Grid Solutions

Today all countries are focusing on energy conversation, green energy, and sustained growth. The most challenging tasks for energy development lie in substituting fossil energy with renewable energy, creating an innovative energy consumption system, thoroughly reconstructing the existing energy consumption system through IT, and maximizing the energy efficiency of power systems. The smart grid is designed to connect electric equipment – from energy development to utilization – and other energy consumption facilities through a digitalized information network, enable accurate, appropriate, and mutually-aided energy supply through smart control, increase efficient energy utilization and provide a higher level of security, reduce emissions so that the environment is not affected, and maximize the balance between cost and return on investment.

Generator Sets

Vision Engineering symbolizes a company dedicated to the provision of innovative Engineering skills, each year witness’s further application of the latest technology to its products innovation, reliability and total flexibility. We provide diesel generators and rental generators ranging from 30KVA to 1500KVA with a strong reputation as a supplier of reliable engines, leadership in emissions solutions, and years of experience in generator technology.

Vision Engineering has successfully supplied generator sets of 900 KVA, 1300 KVA and 1500 KVA to Ministry of defense.

Solar System

 our quality products and unmatched service have made us the solar energy leader for homes, businesses and government agencies across the country. No matter what the size of your project, we deliver equipment tailored to your power and cost requirements.

Vision Engineering Group Pakistan offers a wide range of solar power equipment, including:

a. Solar power systems for homes

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