January 8, 2013

Oil & Gas Division

Digital Oilfield Solution

As the food and blood for industries, oil is one of the key energy resources on earth. Without oil, the world will be paralyzed. Global economic development in the 21st century has resulted in increased demand for oil. The capacity for oil exploitation shipping, storage, and refinement, however, has not improved much due to limited industrialization and informatization of the oil industry. How to improve the efficiency of the oil industry to increase oil supply has become a crucial task for the leaders of all nations to address. In the hope of improving the efficiency of the entire oil industry, thereby mitigating current shortage in oil supply.

The Digital Oil project systematically considers all processes, right from oil exploration to oil refinement, shipping, and sales. Its overall objective is to build an integrated data system for exploration and development, surface construction, storage and shipping, sales, and corporate management based on the entire production process of the oil industry (including upstream, midstream, and downstream segments), and integrate the data and modern communication techniques to truly realize information-based operation and improve the efficiency of the oil industry.

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